M&A Advisory: About Lakes Business Group

What’s the difference between businesses that sit, and businesses that sell?

The difference is Lakes Business Group, Inc.,  a premier M&A advisory company.

Since 2008, Lakes Business Group, Inc. (LBG)  incorporates the large public stock investment banking mentality to the lower Middle Market Client. Historically, these clients have been underserved as too small or too expensive to support by the Boutique Investment banking firms…. This is our sweet spot.

LBG incorporates state of the art technology and critical path approach target marketing which provides local representation with a global reach to an engagement, helping leverage value up – getting the most money for your business.

Lakes Business Group, Inc. is an M&A advisory services firm with offices located in Wisconsin and operating throughout the Midwest and the world. Focused on the full or partial sale, divestitures or mergers of middle- market businesses in niche markets, LBG handles M&A transactions specializing in assisting management buyouts, business reconstruction,  divestitures, value maximization of sales transactions and the end-to-end evaluation of a specific clients’ needs.

Our strong team of unique backgrounds provides us an opportunity to provide our clients with an unparalleled skill set to work in their best interest to reach their goals during their success planning process.


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