Private, Assisted Living Facility in Southeastern WI

  • Engagement Number : 4181-1128
  • Title: 1128 Private, Assisted Living Facility in Southeastern WI
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Gross Sales: $1,249,233
  • Real Estate:
  • Industry : Service – B2C

Seller agrees to an earn out over a period of time based on a percentage of sales and agreed on in writing between buyer and seller.

Annual revenue of $1,500,000.

This very profitable business is an Assisted Living agency that provides unsurpassed quality support and care to clients and their families. It provides a wide variety of services ranging from residential assisted living, private home health care, including long-term and short-term skilled nursing, for every age.

Individuals in this setting are able to live independently with the assurance of 24/7 assistance if needed. These clients are able to be out in the community attending vocational training or going to their individual places of employment, as well as having access to social activities in the community.

The seller hoping to find someone who shares in the belief that all clients deserve the absolute best care possible all of the time.

Financial Summary

Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Margin
Operating Expenses
Net Profit (tax return)
Owners Benefits (Add Backs)
Discretionary Earnings