1251 Patented Construction Material Spin Off

  • Engagement Number : 1251
  • Title: Patented Revolutionary Construction Material Spin Off
  • Location: Wisconsin - can be relocated
  • Asking Price: $300,000
  • Real Estate:
  • Industry : Durable Goods

With proven sales this manufacturer’s proprietary product is far superior to conventional methods and perfect for both commercial applications, such as apartment complexes or hotels, as well residential applications. It has been proven to be a safer, more energy efficient, healthier and quieter alternative.

Additional competitive advantages include the ability to meet stricter code requirements due to enhanced structural stability when compared to the alternative and a smaller footprint making for an increase in marketability.

With a proven increased return on investment for commercial developers this makes a great add on to a commercial or residential contractor or a material supplier who is looking to expand potential offerings.

As a spin off of a larger company buyer will receive rights to the patent and trademark as well as all tooling.


• $600,000 in Gross Sales in 2016
• Products are less expensive to deliver than the competition.
• Proven increased ROI for commercial and residential clientele.

Financial Summary

Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Margin
Operating Expenses
Net Profit (tax return)
Owners Benefits (Add Backs)
Discretionary Earnings