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Distributor of Bakery Products

CHALLENGE: Family tragedy required sale of the business of a well-known regional family brand of bakery products.

APPROACH: Sale included providing an upside to one remaining family member with new ownership.

SOLUTION:  Lakes Business Group, Inc. provided a strategic buyer.

Selling a Manufacturing Company for OVER Twice as much as Local Accountant’s Valuation

LBG Sells Manufacturing Company for OVER Twice as much as Local Accountant Valuation

CHALLENGE: Local Manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders approached Lakes Business Group, Inc. to sell their business due to partnership dispute. The Owners had a third-party valuation completed by a very reputable and local accounting firm. They valued the business at $1.1M.

APPROACH: After Lakes Business Group, Inc. was able to understand the books and business, we decided the value of the company was $2.9M for several very significant “blue sky” factors regarding the business as well the unbelievable opportunity the business had to offer.

OUTCOME: The business sold for $2.7M. more than 2 times the value of what the accounting firm had placed on the business.