Selling a Business or Buying a Business? Trust the #1 VR M&A Office

Lakes Business Group in Wisconsin, the Top Producing VR Office in 2019 Every year the annual VR Awards presentation is at their annual conference in Florida in early April.  Because of our national crisis and quarantine the event was cancelled, so today the awards were announced.  We are thrilled to report that, again, our office

Mergers and Marketing to Grow Your Business

Growth is always top-of-mind for business owners. And it’s never a question of when to grow or why, but rather how. Say, for example, you’re looking to expand your business and benefit from additional profits right now. On-the-other-hand, you might be interested in selling your business in the future, so adding clients and increasing your

How to Buy a Business Not for Sale

It never hurts to ask: How to buy a business that’s not for sale If you want things to happen, make them happen. I can’t think of a saying that better captures the spirit of buying a business. And here’s why. Consider that not every business is listed for sale at the very same time.

Three Reasons to Sell Your Business Right Now

Maybe you haven’t thought about selling your business anytime soon, but industry buzz—as it sometimes does—is sparking your curiosity. It’s true that both business and industry-related trends are creating a market that’s conducive to buying and selling right now and below we’re uncovering three big reasons you might want to consider listing right now. It’s

Key Partners involved in a Business Transaction

Unknown to many buyers and sellers—especially first-timers—is the number of parties involved in the overall buy / sell transaction. The key partners involved in a business transaction certainly differ depending on how complex or easy the deal—so we’ve started by outlining roles involved in “traditional” deals. Buyer A typical buyer profile might include individuals like


October 1, 2019 Lakes Business Group, Inc. help complete the acquisition of this restaurant chain in Illinois by a private investor.  Congratulations to our sales rep, Joe Braier , and to the new owners of this established business. This business, with the real estate, was on the market for only 108 days before closing the

Funding Options to Finance Your Business

How do I buy a business?  What type of financing options are available?  What if I don’t have cash or enough personal equity to make a purchase? Financing is one of the most frequently talked about topics among buyers and our broker team, especially first-time buyers navigating the buy and sell process. Whether your unique

Managing Your Business While it’s for Sale

There are three types of sellers. Seller one puts his business up for sale and ensures his company maintains the status quo in every way—from day-to-day operations to management to sales. Seller two focuses on continuing to grow the business and increasing profits. Seller three is so consumed with the sale of his business, he

How to Choose: Startup versus Established Business

If you’re considering owning your own business, whether the startup route or an established business, you know one thing’s for sure—entrepreneurism is the right move for you and your career. Identifying the right path starts with a few qualifying considerations—i.e. your current lifestyle, goals, financial situation and appetite for risk, among a few others. Understanding

Beyond Price in a Business Deal

Axial had an article that rings true with our experiences working with business owners and those looking to own. Being on either side of a transaction can be an emotional roller coaster. When a buyer finds a good business opportunity, many times it is the connection with the owner that is the ‘closer’ for the