Successful Transaction of this Electronic Component Distribution Business

After 11 months of searching for the right buyer, this Wisconsin distributor of passive electro-mechanical component parts has been SOLD!   The owner of this business was ready to retire and called Lakes Business Group to help with the sale of his business. As one of the Midwest’s premier distributor of switches, connectors, and terminal blocks

Due Diligence Helps your Success Rate

In the due diligence process, we keep a spreadsheet of the items needed and completion dates to keep our client and the buyer group on task.   For our lower-middle market businesses and private equity groups, there are pages of items needed for a comprehensive due diligence process which is needed for a successful deal. Last

Business Sales Awards

2017 marks Lakes Business Group;s 10th year assisting privately held companies execute their exit strategy in the lower-middle market.   Our team has had the privilege of working with outstanding clients over the years.   We take pride in designing and implementing our clients’ goals, while leveraging value up and getting maximum dollar for the sale of

Do You Have a Business Exit Strategy?

Most business owners plan to sell their business to fund their retirement. It is the number 1 reason for business owners, followed by burnout and new opportunities.   Yet, when it comes time to sell their business, less than half of all business owners plan ahead. Deal Size #1 Reason #2 Reason <$500K Retirement Burnout

Business Information Needed when Ready to Execute your Exit Strategy

You’ve built your business and now ready to execute your exit plan.    When contacting your business consultant, they will ask for the following information to complete an offering memorandum outlining the details of the business. FINANCIALS: Notes/Liens/Liabilities AR Aging Report AP Report CUSTOMERS/VENDORS: Number of Customers in Database/Number of Active Customers/Customer Concentration Number of

What Buyers Look for in a Business Opportunity

You’re ready to sell your business. You assume there’s a buyer out there who will pay you a fair price and then nurture the company with the same attention you have. What’s more, selling the business is a major part of your retirement plan. Buyers look at businesses differently than sellers. So to achieve the

Valuing a Business

Do you know the value of your business? A business valuation lets you know where you are in terms of growth even before you are ready to leave .  Knowing the value of your business helps you in planning your future and having an exit plan when you are ready to sell. You should gather

Now’s the Best Time to Sell a Business

Now’s the time to sell a business and retire, but many baby boomers are waiting. Find out why in the article below featuring Lakes Business Group’s Joe Braier where he explains that “The first step in exit planning is to find an advisor who is highly experienced in working with business owners. Do your due

AI Magazine’s Leading M&A Advisers of the Year

We are excited to announce that we have been chosen as the 2017 winner of Acquisition International Magazine’s “Leading Mergers & Acquisitions Adviser of the Year- USA.” Please read the article below to discover the difference between listing and selling your business. AI Magazine’s “Leading Mergers & Acquisitions Adviser of the Year”  Print Friendly

Why a Business Broker – what do they do?

Most people don’t know what a business broker does.  In fact, it is said 9 out of 10 people have no idea why the role of a business broker is so important in the successful transfer of a business from one owner to another.  So how does having a business broker help in the sale

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