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Lakes Business Group in Wisconsin, the Top Producing VR Office in 2019

Every year the annual VR Awards presentation is at their annual conference in Florida in early April.  Because of our national crisis and quarantine the event was cancelled, so today the awards were announced.  We are thrilled to report that, again, our office is the #1 Internationally Ranked VR Office for 2019!

Lakes Business Group has the best team in the field of sales, acquisitions, and valuations of middle market privately held businesses.  Our office is honored to receive this award for the sixth consecutive year.  It is with the leading of Tim Bullard and partner, Mark Smith, both former business owners who know first-hand the challenges that face a privately held business.  Since starting the business in 2008, this award winning team was built.

Joe Braier was recognized by winning the VR Mergers & Acquisitions Award.  This prestigious honor is based on the largest transaction in VR during the calendar year and combined mid-market leadership by an individual.  Joe has been a top advisor to companies locally, nationally, and internationally.  He has been recognized over 30 times through the VR Victory Awards program, making him one of the most decorated individuals in the VR organization.  His reputation for transparency, diligence, and negotiation skills are attributes that help lead the team at VR Lakes Business Group.

JoAnn Lombardi, President of VR Mergers & Acquisitions, stated,  “We could be no prouder than to present Joe Braier with the VR M&A Award. We have observed him grow to one of the leaders in the VR organization, always willing to help and assist others when asked. He is part of a team in Wisconsin that helps drive VR’s growth in the midmarket. Congratulations to Joe for all his hard work and dedication.”

The top ten producers were announced and as you can see why our office received the #1 ranked office as we have 5 of the top 10 VR Associates in 2019.  Congratulations to Joe Braier, Mark Smith, Michael Szmanda, Andrew Schmelzer and Larry Heck for this award!

VR Hall of Fame Inductee, Tim Bullard, Business Advisor, M&A

Tim Bullard - M&A AdivsorTim Bullard, CEO and President, is recognized for helping with the VR organization through his commitment, expertise and willing assistance by being inducted into the VR Hall of Fame.   In the VR organization, Tim is one of only two people to have been twice honored as the VR Most Valuable Intermediary of the year and is now in the Hall of Fame.  “Today we honor Tim and induct him in the VR Hall of Fame. His body of work inside the VR organization is without reproach. He has built a reputation for assisting clients, members of his local team, and those across the VR network. We look forward too many more years of working together, and enjoying a good laugh along the way”, stated Peter C. King, CEO of VR Business Brokers / Mergers & Acquisitions.

When you are looking to sell your business or acquire an add-on or become a business owner, look no further than Lakes Business Group, #1 Business Advisors.  Contact us through our website or call 262-347-2083

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