Sell My Business in WI

Selling your business can become overwhelming and stressful. In fact, it may be one of the largest transactions of your life. An exit strategy involves developing a plan to pass on responsibility of running the business, transferring ownership and extracting your equity.  It’s important you have an experienced team of advisers in your corner to help you navigate thru the complicated process and anticipate upcoming steps in the process to ensure a successful transaction.

Whether you choose Lakes Business Group, Inc or not, it’s important that you have a comfort level with your Adviser when selling your business. We do however, take our job very seriously – protecting our clients, and working in their best interest to leverage value up to get maximum value for their business.

With over 100 years of M&A Experience, let us prove to you why we are your number one choice and let us earn your business.
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“You only get one shot

to sell your business,

do it right!”


Simple Steps to start planning your Business Exit Strategy

Business owners know that their business will either transfer or close.   Step back and take an objective look at your business.  Without an objective view, a business cannot be packaged to attract the most advantageous buyer and receive the highest price.

Those looking to buy a business are looking for a good opportunity.  This often means stepping in to correct problems so that future profits can be gained.   It is just as important to know what’s wrong with your business as it is to know what is right.

You should take steps to ensure that your business does not depend on YOU for its survival and success.  Serious buyers are seeking a company to manage and don’t want to acquire a business that has a current owner who is indispensable.

Have your financials in order before selling your business.   Comprehensive, financial records are a must if you want to attract buyers willing to pay a premium for your business.  Well-maintained records present you as an experienced business owner and your business as professionally operated.  Well-maintained records also reduce the buyer’s perception of risk.

Have a third party credible business valuation.  A buyer will likely pay top dollar for a business when documented evidence can be provided that supports the price they are willing to pay.