Selling Your Business- FAQs

We help owners sell all or part of their business. It isn’t necessarily how much you sell your business for, but how much money you get to keep after the transaction is over. Our specialty is creative deal structures and helping you leverage value up to get maximum value for your business.

What is extremely exciting about selling businesses is that everything is negotiable. Purchase price, transition agreement, consulting agreement, non-compete agreement, perhaps an earn-out or royalty over time, or even seller financing. All of these negotiations have financial impacts on taxes, etc. which affect your net proceeds. Lakes Business Group has extensive experience helping you package your business in such a way to net as much proceeds as possible.

We always recommend to have an open mind when selling your business. You never know what type of sale, type of buyer, or type of package the market will bring. Some of our FAQs are answered below: 

Will this be a stock sale or asset sale?

Can I sell part of my business?

How will you market our business?

How do you financially vet buyers?

When should we involve our attorney in the sale of our business?

How is due diligence handled?

What sort of information do you need to sell our business?

Do we need to have audited financials to sell our business?

How are meetings with buyers handled?

My business is losing money – can you still help me?

What are the costs/fee?