Peter Schlicher

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you for selling our business for us. A review of the date of this letter will disclose the necessity of expertise and professionalism that it took to accomplish this in the present economic climate. At this time, with companies around us succumbing to a deep recession and especially those in the nature of our type of business, you were able to find more than one buyer and then follow the ensuing competition through to an equitable stale. One more particular aspect added a difficulty, namely, the fact that complications arise as a result of emotions connected with a family business of more than 32 years. Extra effort became expedient to conquer that resistance. In spite of this all, you were able to complete all the necessary work, arrange all appointments, accommodating whatever changes presented themselves along the way, and still accomplish the objective. For the above reasons, we certainly applaud your effort and would like to recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves in like situation to ours. Thank you again.”

– Peter Schlicher, President – Haselow, Inc.