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Tim Bullard & Team Awarded Quadruple Diamond Centurion Award

Every quarter VR sends out awards to top producers.  Our team has been the #1 VR Office in 5 of the past 6 years.  This quarter our office is the first to be awarded a Quadruple Diamond Centurion Award. Here’s the article from their newsletter:

To be excited about the future you have to know your history. So here is a little known fact…in 2000 there were only 3 quarterly VR Centurion Award categories; those being bronze, silver, and gold. To our knowledge the gold award had only been handed out a few times for a quarter in the previous 20 years. As the strength of our people increased, so did the award categories. First we added Platinum (fees above $400,000 for a quarter), but the bar continued to raise, so we added Diamond, then Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Quadruple Diamond (fees above $1,000,000 for a quarter), and Quintuple Diamond (fees above $1,500,000 for a quarter).

For the second quarter of 2018, Tim Bullard, and the outstanding team in Tim Bullard and team awarded Quadruple Diamond Centurion AwardWaukesha, WI are being awarded a VR Quadruple Diamond Centurion Award. Off the record…one more closed transaction and we would have added another diamond. Congratulations to Tim, and everyone who worked so hard for this honor.

The bar has officially been raised. Congratulations to the Wisconsin team for this award.

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