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#1 Business Sales for 2018

#1 Business Sales for 2018

The annual International VR Conference was held the end of April. Three of our team members were able to attend and receive their individual awards and the #1 VR Office Award.

For the fifth year in a row, the Lakes Business Group VR Office was number 1 in sales. We have maintained our ranking with the leadership we have and the team that has been assembled over the years.

Showing how special the team of people we have in the Lakes Business Group office, six of our team members were in the top ten sales representatives for 2018. They are:

# 1 Andy Schmelzer
# 2 Joe Braier
# 3 Larry Heck
# 4 Michael Szmanda
# 8 Mark Smith
#10 Tim Bullard

Below are three of our sales reps receiving their awards. From left to right: Joe Braier, Andy Schmelzer and Mark Smith.

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